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City Council Meeting on 12-14-2022 ARPA Presentation

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15 Champaign County Environmental Stewards Establish a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
16 Champaign County Economic Development Corporation Solving the Talent Attraction Equation in Champaign County
17 Eastern Illinois Foodbank Electric Cargo Vans and Charging Station
18 Champaign County Health Care Consumers Special Populations Outreach and Enrollmen for Health Food and Housing Security
19 Common Ground Food Co-op Common Ground Food For All Food Accessibility Program
20 Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurent Handmade Harvest Healthy Meals for Families Facing Food Insecurity
21 Sola Gratia Farm Community Farm Expansion for Enhanced Sustainable Fresh Food Production Engagement and Consumption
22 Champaign County Economic Development Corporation COVID-19 Recovery Urbana Small Business Microloan Fund Justine PETERSEN
23 The HOYCE Center The Blessing Bank
24 The Well Experience Well Family Care Program
25 TRAUMA SURVIVORS HEAL 2 Trauma Survivors Heal 2
26 Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs Clinic Reducing Gun Violence through Community Trauma Informed Care
27 Champaign County Crime Stoppers CS Urbana ARPA

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