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City Council Meeting on 06-18-2012

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Public Hearing
Start of Meeting
Ordinance 2012-06-064
Resolution 2012-06-044R
Resolutions 2012-06-064 and 2012-06-044R
Ordinance 2012-06-060
Resolution 2012-06-035R
Ordinance 2012-06-061
Resolution 2012-06-036R
Ordinance 2012-06-062
Main Street Improvements
Resolution 2012-06-047R
Resolution 2012-06-046R
Ordinance 2012-06-063
Resolution 2012-06-045R
Reports of Special Committees
Reports of Officers
Cosolidated Social Service Funding
Ordinance 2012-06-065
Annual Staff Appointments
Mayoral Appointments
Closed Session Property Acquistion Issues
Ordinance 2012-06-066

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